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We seek to create several green, sustainable Micro Home Villages for those who are seeking very low-cost housing options that not only takes advantage of the Micro Home movement, but equally important, develops intentional community into the design, layout, and services of each Village location.​

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Over twenty-five years of business and non-profit experience working to develop community collaborations, innovative housing answers, and homeless solutions in the central coast.  Eric has overseen multiple commercial and housing development projects and serves on the board of Community Homeless Solutions, the largest service provider of homeless housing, shelters, respite care and outreach in the Central Coast of CA.  He provides leadership to Love Our Central Coast, which is a consortium of churches dedicated to serving our communities with the love and compassion of Christ himself.


30+ years of design expertise including resident, commercial, retail, and housing solutions.  David is sought after by cities, municipalities, churches, and businesses for his ability to design practical, interesting and appealing cost-effective solutions as well as wade through the myriad of zoning rules and regulations.


David provides the legal expertise and advice necessary to put together complicated and functional business deals as part of the service delivery model for R3.

Design and building micro housing villages and ADUs provides a means to our primary end, which is the restoration of broken lives and those on the risk of homelessness to have hope and to thrive.  We have a passion for and love for those we serve and for assisting cities, counties and individuals to help solve homelessness and restore hope.

  • Dedicated to designing, developing and implementing low-cost tiny home villages and integrated support solutions for homeless guests, farm laborers, students, and more.
  • Proven track record of pulling together key community constituents and experts to develop unique and creative housing and social enterprise solutions.
  • A consortium of industry, design and solution experts from communities all over CA and beyond.
  • Turn-key housing and development solutions including:
    • Tiny Home and ADU design, development, building, and manufacturing
    • Master campus planning and infrastructure development 
    • Project management and construction services 
    • Innovative solar and waste management solutions
    • Client support services planning and integration
    • Social enterprise and entrepreneurial business solutions

For more information regarding R-3 services and expertise, contact Eric Johnsen at 831.214.0964 or via email at eric@r-three.org.

​In 2014, R-3 began down the path of exploring the possibility of using Tiny/Micro Homes to help make a dent in the number of homeless individuals and families as well as the availability of homeless housing in Northern California communities.  For over a decade, the number of homeless on the street each night has been increasing year over year to now over 2,400 individuals in spite of the many organizations providing food, clothing and other essentials.  After ten years of serving on the Community Homeless Solutions Board of Directors, Eric Johnsen was frustrated with cities, agencies and government entities not addressing one of the key factors in reducing homelessness, which was providing truly affordable housing, not traditional "affordable housing "units at more than $400,000 per unit.

Research shows that providing stable housing has the greatest impact on not only the long term outcomes of those experiencing homelessness but also in lowering the social and economic costs of supporting those on the street.  One study out of Idaho showed a decrease in costs from over $53,000 to about $16,500 for chronically homeless individuals if they simply housed homeless individuals and provided case management support instead of letting them remain on the street.

For our own agency, about 82% of men and women in our transitional housing programs find permanent housing, and over 65% find employment or increase their wages upon leaving the program.  This is great data and outcomes!  But what do you do when there is not enough housing being developed to not only house our homeless but meet the needs of the majority of workers in our two largest industries - agriculture and hospitality?  "Affordable housing" now exceeds $400,000 per unit to develop, which is out of the reach of those most in need.  Additionally, rental units exceed $1,200-$2,000 for the normal one and two-bedroom apartments.

​Ex-Prisoners - Even Larger Conundrum 

While looking into the homeless housing problem, one segment of society is even more profoundly impacted than "regular" homeless individuals, and that is ex-prisoners.  One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome when being discharged from prison with $200 in your pocket and a bus ticket is to find stable housing and employment that is meaningful and helps contribute to savings to meet future needs. Housing is vital - it provides security, stability, safety and protection from the elements, but equally important, provides dignity for the resident.  Without housing and employment, ex-prisoners generally return to prison approximately 70 percent of the time over three years and at a cost of $65,000 per year to house them.  Is this the solution we are proud of?  Initial discussions with Soledad Prison look promising in fulfilling a vision of having prisoners who will be out on parole in the next year or two build Tiny Home units in the prison vocational program, learning great trade skills, and then move into a post-prison Village after release.  Here they could be employed to build and assemble tiny homes for other uses.  We need support and a miracle to make this happen, but believe this will come about, as the need is great, and the missing leg of the stool - post-prison integration back into the community - can be achieved with this type of model.

Micro Home Villages - Part of the Solution

Out of the vision and desire to correct these housing and support problems, R-3 has developed a comprehensive solution that integrates the best of Micro Homes with community support and wrap-around services to meet the needs of not only our homeless, but ex-prisoners, students, farm workers, veterans and others just seeking to find affordable housing.  Micro Home Villages of 25-35 homes, integrated with community buildings and gathering areas, not only respond to the issue of housing affordability for our residents who are economically challenged but also provide the opportunity to build community and support from others so vital to lasting success.  Tiny Homes in particular offer unique opportunities compared to traditional expense housing including:

  • Extreme affordability and low-cost option for housing
  • Rapid time to market using SIP panel fabrication and assembly
  • Ability to place units directly on the ground, pillar blocks or foundation slab
  • Flexibility in design, including size, restroom and shower facilities, small kitchenette, etc.
  • The option of being completely off-grid with use of solar solutions
  • Innovative and simple connections to existing sewer and waste management, new septic field
  • Transportable designs but which can be moved and mobilized if needed. 

The Micro Home Villages also provide a path to ownership by residents over a period of time if desired by residents of the Village.  This innovative approach provides dignity and hope for our clients and a way out and up instead of dependency and loneliness.

Our team is comprised of regional professionals and experts who work with local jurisdictions and owners to put together comprehensive micro-housing and social enterprise solutions that help solve community problems through new and creative solutions.



25560 Meadowiew circle, Salinas, CA, United States

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The right care can ensure the success of any community solutions and effort. We believe in partnership & trust and work with you to help address local problems with constructive solutions.

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We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of your lifestyle need, design preference, or budget constraint.  We will not provide solutions that are contrary to the best interest of clients or community constituents.

 Our Partners and Collaborators

CA Department of Corrections/CTF Soledad - https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/rehabilitation/

Rancho Cielo - Construction Program - https://www.ranchocieloyc.org/rancho-cielo-construction-academy

E49 Foundation - Social Enterprises and Tiny Home Villages - http://www.e49corp.org/

Self Help Federal Credit Union - https://www.self-helpfcu.org/

City of Modesto - https://www.modestogov.com/

City Ministry Network - https://www.cityministrynetwork.org/

Community Homeless Solutions - Housing, Shelters and Wrap Around Services -  https://www.communityhomelesssolutions.org/

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