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The design and development of each Micro Home Village is different and tailored to the needs of our clients.  Farm worker H2A housing needs, for example, are different than those of students, and the needs of veterans may be different from homeless individual families.  Micro home housing, in conjunction with essential wrap-around services uniquely targeted and coordinated to the Village participants is a key value and service provided by R-3 in partnership with local agencies and providers.  This ensures maximum success for Village residents and provides a stable, secure and hopeful environment for all who reside on these campuses.  In all cases, the use of micro homes provides one of the most cost-effective and flexible solutions to the market, often at one-fourth to one-half traditional "affordable housing" solutions.

In addition to R-3's own organizational expertise, R-3 and E49 have teamed up with leading industry experts to support the overall development, construction, and management of its' Micro Home Villages.

Our expertise is often supplemented by local community team members vested in the success of the projects and bringing the needed disciplines to the project, including some or all of the following:

  • Business planning and financial management
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Architectural design and drawings
  • Project management
  • Waste management systems and design
  • Clean water purification and management
  • Landscape design and implementation
  • Solar power design and delivery
  • Construction and construction management
  • Community development, case management, security

Unique to certain projects, R-3 seeks to find and employ target end residents of the Villages that can assist in certain labor and tasks while building the Villages.  Under close supervision, utilizing future community residents when possible both creates buy-in and ownership to the project as well as provides necessary employment and financial means to those work alongside our team.